Fantasy football draft strategy

Mon, Aug 20, 2018

This is my first blog post at and hopefully many more will come after this. I just want to give my opinions on one of my favorite things in the entire world. Fantasy football. These ideas and strategies can be helpful to a first year player or a seasoned veteran. I have been playing fantasy football for over a decade now and I'm still learning and trying to get better. I hope this helps and I hope that you dominate every league that you're in! And remember this is a DRAFT strategy.

First off for any fantasy football draft there are a few things that you should NEVER and I mean NEVER do!

   Never draft more than ONE defense

   Never draft more than ONE kicker

   Never draft a QB in the first 3 rounds

   Never draft more than 2 QBs

   Never draft more than 2 TEs 

These next ideas don't quite fall under the NEVER list but these are important.

   Your last 2 picks of the draft should be used to draft your defense and kicker 

   Fill your WR/RB/TE/Flex positions and most of your bench before drafting a QB

   In the first 5-6 rounds you should draft at least 3 RBs

   By rounds 10-11 you should have 6 RBs

   If you have a top 5-6 TE don't draft another TE

   If you have a proven QB don't draft another QB

So let's put this all together. RBs are by far the most important position in fantasy football and elite RBs are the hardest thing to come by. And if you are playing in a non PPR league then RBs are even more valuable! QBs are overrated. You can wait until rounds 11-13 of just about any draft and still get a solid QB. So I'm never going to draft Rodgers or Brady when I can still get a starting RB! Yes, every position is important and having a top QB helps but it is not worth passing up on a RB in the early rounds. The same theory can be applied to defenses and kickers. Yes, having a top one helps but it is not worth passing up a solid WR or RB in rounds 7-10 just so you can have the Jags or Rams defense. Remember that this is a DRAFT strategy and that you will not end up with the team that you drafted by the end of the season. There will be players at EVERY position that are NOT drafted that will end up being top 20-30 RBs/WRs and top 10-15 QBs/TEs/Def/K by seasons end. Injuries happen and they will happen to your team. So load up on RBs early, fill your bench with RBs/WRs, and be ready to weather the storm. I'm now going to run through a few draft scenarios that you could easily be in. I'm going to use the term reach in these scenarios and what I mean by reaching is that a player is drafted a lot higher than their ranking. Example, Joe Mixon is ranked 30th but I reach and draft him with the 24th pick.

Scenario 1. You have a top 3 pick

Draft Bell, Gurley, David Johnson or Zeke. Don't pass on the chance to have an elite RB. Late 2nd round go ahead and target another RB unless somehow a Julio, Micheal Thomas or Keenan Allen are still on the board. This is not likely but could happen if people reach for QBs and TEs early. If Gronk or Kelce are there in the early 3rd go ahead and draft them and forget about TEs for the rest of the draft. Draft WRs/RBs the next 7-8 rounds reach for RBs if you have to but don't reach for WRs.

Scenario 2. You pick in the middle of the first round

If you can draft AB or Hopkins go ahead and get them. In rounds 2-5 you need to draft 3 RBs even if it means you have to reach for them. I would hope to draft another WR that falls that I can get at value or a top TE with the non RB pick. In rounds 6-11 draft a TE if you haven't already and fill up on WRs/RBs. Reach for RBs not WRs. 

Scenario 3. You have a late pick in the first round

This drafting position would easily set you up to go WR/WR with your first two picks. And if I could get Julio, OBJ and/or Micheal Thomas I would not see anything wrong with this strategy. If this happens to you go ahead and forget about drafting another WR until rounds 9-10. I don't care how far a good WR falls. You HAVE to draft RBs and ONLY RBs, besides one TE, in the next 6 rounds. Yes you will be reaching a lot but you will have to. You have your two elite WR starters. Load up and get 5-6 RBs as soon as you can and you will find 2-3 solid RBs. 


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