Fri, Feb 5, 2016

                   okay fellas first losing night in a while! AND the sad part was it had potential to actually be profitable! Marshall blowing an 11 point lead then is down by 8 comes back to get up 7 AGAIN and blow that within the last 4 minutes! Then The Texas A and M game misses by one point on the over! Once again my site Units is now 10 Units off becasue of the Bump up status of my two plays on here now but noone hurt! So now i have learned a few things about this site...  PLEASE IF YOU BUY MY PLAYS NEVER EVER HAVE YOUR PHONE OFF OR ON SILENT SO YOU CAN RECIEVE ALERTS ON MY PLAYS THAT YOU PURCAHSED. SO 1ST THING OF WHAT I HAVE LEARNED IS BEFORE I LOCK IN A PLAY FOR  5.5U ON HERE WITH ANY TYPE OF LIKELY HOOD AT ALL THAT  WE WILL RAISE THE BET TO A BIG WAGER AT 11 UNITS I WILL NOT MAKE THE PLAY ON HERE EARLY LIKE I DID THAT LAST 2 DAYS AND HAD TO SEND OUT THE "BUMP UP IN ONE OF MY 5.5 UNITS PLAYS". SO ANYWAYS DUE TO THE FACT CAPPERTEK WILL NOT LET YOU ADD UNITS TO ANY ORIGINAL PLAY, I WILL NOT BE SENDING OUT PLAYS THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE BUMPED UP FROM 5.5 (REGULAR) TO 11U PLAY (BIG) MY PLAYS ARE ALWAYS BIG OR REGULAR, IF YOU BET WITH ME, WHICH YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW BECAUSE I STRESS IT EVERY DAMN DAY. THAT IS THE ONLY WAS TO WIN WITH GAMBLING, GOOD MONEY MANAGEMENT AND BANK ROLL SKILLS. You  should 100% listen to me and do this, if not that is up to you but dont say i did not tel you so! I will email about maybe setting that feature up where you can add units only to a play you already on had units on, must be same play only and only adding more to the SAME  ORIGINAL play ONLY, WHICH I DO NOT SEE WHY YOU CANT DO THAT ANYWAYS IF YOU WANTED TO ONLY BUMP A PLAY FROM REGULAR TO BIG???  I will keep everyone informed on what they say about that! So anyways I hope everyone got the bump up status for the 2 PLAYS OVER THE LAST 2 DAYS and i hope they got it in without any problems thru the email, i have not recieved any emails back from the 3 people that have bought daily packages so i am assuming that everything is okay and you understand everything? If you didnt i am sure you would have called or emailed me back! Today really could have been a very good day if some breaks went our way, but it happens!..... what's up with the federal peniteniary!?!?!?!? so i told everyone the rest of my clients have ALL recieved emails regarding my LATE basketball plays! THANK YOU FOR THE FOLLOW to support my bio, plays and blog!!!

To sum up the night with Marshall blowing that big lead that made the Big plays 2-3 instead of 3-2 and Portland +11.5 (winning straigt up) would have even gave more profit to ending the day by bringing the regular pays to 2-2 and Missing the A and M total made the regular plays go 2-2 losing juice instead of going 3-1 over there on that section also I KEEP IT SIMPLE,  i try to have winning nights with my regular plays and with my BIG plays, i make 3 big plays i always want to go 2-1 at the worst. Regular plays if i make three of them i want to go 2-1 at worst in that section also! you do this and try and have winning records with both sets of plays you will never lose! So in a nutshell noone hurt tonight, i tried my best to fire at them and get them and in the end of the night it was minimal losses considering how we lost a couple of the plays! SO LOOKING AT TOMORROW I AM ABOUT TO LOCK SOME GAMES IN AND GET ALL THAT BACK! Litttle upset with myself by the way that I did not Pull on William and Mary, I knew the matchup was better for them and way better talent and coach. Their traveling on the road played a factor in not letting me PULL on them and that never should be the case. I need to always go with my gut because i know hoops and i knew they matched up well and have way more talent with Northeastern. Marshall over and Youngstown State Over were also good plays i said would FLY over the total but I LOVED BYU more than both of them so i just stuck with that! St maryzs couldnt throw a beach ball in the Ocean last night! LOCKING IN PLAYS NOW AND LETS HAVE A GOOD DAY TODAY FELLAS!