NHL Playoffs-A view from the cheap seats

Sun, Apr 16, 2017
by GoldMedalClubSports.cappertek.com

Nashville? up 2-0 in series and throttling the Hawks 5-zip in game 2 on the road? Have to admit I never seen this coming. Upon further review, the Preds ARE that good. They have outskated outshot and out worked the Hawks badly so far. To sum it up they are HUNGRY, and quite frankly I think the Hawks could be looking at being swept here.

Toronto baby leafs steal one in Washington to even series, another suprise, however I still like Washington to clean up on there propensity of taking bone headed penalties.

The Rangers and Montreal is so hard to read, have not and will not be parting in this one.

The other series are going as expected, and yes the Blues are no suprise here, they are simply the better team, and one should never take a side like Minnesota, that simply struggles to score 2 goals per game at the best of times, and this ST.Louis team CAN defend.