Spread the Wealth

Sun, Dec 3, 2023
by GoldenGoose.cappertek.com

I was reminded today how much of a difference shopping around between various online sportsbooks can add to your winnings, not just long-term, but day-to-day.  Many bettors think "shopping around" means looking for a 1/2 point difference on a line, or scoring a -105 juice instead of -110. These things are important, but I'm talking mostly about promos. Say you're placing a $100 bet on a particular game. There are 4 different books offering odds boosts or bet insurance (bonus bets if you lose) on the sport/game you're betting; spread it out! Most of these promos have a "max bet" limit (often $25), but it doesn't matter if you bet $100 all in one place or $25 in 4 different places, and the individual bonuses can seriously increase your winnings. Instead of keeping your bankroll in a particular sportsbook, keep it in a simple online account (such as Chime) and deposit what you need into each book when you need it; after you win (congrats!), pop it back into your account for the next day. As an added bonus, keeping "loose" money out of the sportsbooks is also a defense against making any spontaneous, poorly-researched bets; the extra step of having to transfer the funds can give you time to ask "is this really a good idea?" So set up accounts with all the online books available in your state and carve out 10 or 15 minutes to peruse the bonuses and promos that are out there each day; your bankroll will thank you!