opening weekend is in the book...

Tue, Oct 30, 2018

greetings all from the palace!  well, as the title says...opening weekend is in the book and what a coming out party!  we really cleaned up on sunday NFL, going 5-1, 7 units and a really good ROI.  so with that said...i have a couple of thoughts that might be of some interest for tonight.

first up...the NBA.  i have my first 2 plays on the card for this evening and they look very good.  one has some major professional money coming in as i am writing this and the other is quite strong as well.  free advice...i would play both of my plays now and dont wait until game time.  the number on both of my plays is moving around like a yo-yo and its never good to play a bad number.

next up...NHL.  4 plays on the card this evening.  all plays are going to be the obvious public play, based on the totality of work at this point in the season.  by now, we are beginning to get a rough idea where everyone is standing and some projections can start to be made.  my two high confidence ones i have seen so far are:  1.  toronto is the real thing.  there are no holes anywhere on this club.  all 3 lines can score and defend, the goaltending has been a wall, and these guys do not take penalties, but they do draw quite a few and make teams pay for it.  2.  on the other end of the list...there are going to be 3 teams who will be fighting for the basement the rest of the season:  the rangers, red wings, and senators.  ottawa might be the only exception to this if they can put things together as the season goes on.  i dont want to say that the rangers and wings should pack it in and wait till next year because its way too early for that...but things are going to probably get worse before they get better for those two clubs.


so...thats pretty much all i have for now.  plays will be added throughout the week as more info comes in and gets sifted through.  stay tuned!