Wed, Oct 11, 2017

Often I will asked why I will wager against my favorite teams. For example, I am a lifelong fan of all the teams in Buffalo and I will bet against them at times.

The key with sports investing or any investing for that matter, is to make money. In sports investing that means taking the team the offers the value. It is really that simple. If I get value on all my bets, I will make money over time.

A good example of this situation came a couple days ago when I was getting great odds to take the Indians over my beloved Yankees. The Yankees won the game. The fan in me was still rooting for the Yanks believe it or not!

Now the cool part is the Bombers are the big dog today which I am happy about. Today, they get my cheers and my bet!

If you approach sports betting like any other business you should make money. Find teams that have about a 50% of winning and are the underdog and you will will win.

Playoff baseball is really easy. Every team is a winning team so they all have a reasonable 50% chance of winning each game. Hockey and regular season baseball are fairly easy once the season gets going. 

Whatever your strategy is, if it wins money stick to it. If it doesn't make money, make changes. This is exactly what you would do if you had a product in your retail store which wasn't selling. You would get rid of it.