mma DAWGS UFC 183 Recap

Sat, Feb 14, 2015

Dan's UFC 183 Recap

Heading into 2015, UFC 183 was one of the only PPV main events not originally postponed from injury. It was a great entertaining fight, but has since been tarnished by both fighters failing their drug tests. This organization has got to do something about this or too many fans will lose interest completely.

Most knew Anderson Silva would win the fight, but so many gave Nick Diaz a shot too. I had thought the fight could be over in round 1 by either fighter, but was also pretty sure that first bell meant there would be 4 more that followed. It had basically come down to our UNDER 3.5 rounds play to profit on this card, and that did not cash.

Although we always have confidence going into each card with the plays chosen, we cannot be sure a judge, ref or fighter's IQ won't ruin our night. The co-main event wasn't that great and it made the difference in a small loss to a large loss for us on the night. Thankfully, it worked out in our favor. Hearing the final judge score in 30-27, I was sure it would be given to Gastelum who I thought surely secured the first round. We both agreed Woodley won, but rounds 2-3 were very close.

After a 4 event winning streak, we have now lost back to back. Can't win them all, but when we lose it does feel great when those losses are at a minimum. There are some great cards coming up this year and we see a lot of profit for everyone wanting a piece of that pie.

I know this recap is a little late as it's been 2 weeks. No better time to write than fight day for the next card which happens to be on Valentine's Day. Get those candy hearts out as we have some sweet picks for tonight! Best of luck everyone.