CBB Picks for Monday 1-25-16

Mon, Jan 25, 2016
by MadDog4040.cappertek.com

Background: This is my first time ever posting or giving out picks to the public. However, by no means am I a beginner. I have developed a proprietary sports system based on strong statistical indicators that comb through all the Over/Under Bet Lines in a matter of seconds. I have been tracking my picks for quite some time now. The system has shown great results (very profitable) for picking Over and Under Totals. Each day I will post these picks that have a proven track record to win in the long run. As many of you sports betting Gurus know...with a -110 Bet Line, all you need is to win more than 52.38% to be profitable. My goal is to build a reputation for winning picks and create a following. I will end the conversation here, as talk is cheap and I want my pick results to speak for themselves.


Manhattan St. Peter's 131

Note I'm on RX Forum under maddog4040 also.