CARRASCO a flag for THE Indians

Mon, Aug 22, 2016

Carlos Carrasco is a flag for THE indians and he has been called for twice in a crucial week for postseason placement

coming back from an injury he had inconstant season with impressive matches and absolute tilt matches, THE team has THE confidence he will be impressive in his two stats of THE week

He is a road pitcher and he is looking for THE Atletichs to confirm his status of positive trend; actual ERA is on the best of THE career and actually mental state is at the top. If you consider THE team is running 8wins on THE last 11 eleven matches You can only think to follow THE spirit of entusiasm 

Carlos has THE concrete possibility to extend his results with a deep match against a pitcher that has no THING to LOSE....or better is performing THE best playings of his year . Trigglly lately has found his best moment

Indians are running faster than Texas RANGERS and they have concrete possibility to become leader of THE league; Carrasco is ready to be the MAN OF THE MATCH