NATIONALS and understimated pitchers

Wed, Aug 24, 2016

Nationals ar lately struggling and they have to finding themselves before Orioles going ahead

today they have THE best pitcher on the mound, T Roark......Who........uhmmmmmmm...yes THE best understimated pitcher of THE season with impressive series of wins and concrete matches......THE essence of every sport

Roark is 29 years old and THE coming of Schwezer put out him from THE first rotation but every time he has been called he has been IMPORTANT for THE team, and not only for THE injuries of THE season

He is a good pitcher at home and on the road, his ERA is one THE best THE team, his motivation and his love for this sport are a FULL quality standard

Nationals are coming from a series of 3 dangerous losses, first of all THE last one vs direct League contenders Orioles, Roark today has a very good matchup against a pitcher with not good stats against Right arms but with good stats on the road; IT will not be an easy game because Orioles are coming from a terrible winning strip and they are running fast while THE Nationals have switch pause bottom on their roll leadership of THE League.

Roark is present and he will make THE difference on the mound

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