August MLB/Football Thoughts

Tue, Aug 1, 2017

It's been quite the year in the MLB so far this season. We just got through the trade deadline with a little less flair than normal. Sort of a theme so far as we approach August. The weather seems to be finally stabilizing, and that is good for bettors as we approach the heat of August and the the start of the post season races. Can't believe the NFL season is upon us already, as the first game will be this Thursday and the HOF game from Scranton. I/We might have a play on that game but only for the total, in fact it might not be worth it, but we will see how the markets respond and see how our Insider(s) respond. The NCAAF is also just around the corner. Aug 26th Oregon State and Colorado State will start of the season. So far we have a early lean on Oregon State and we also expect some good things from them this season and the PAC 12 as a whole. UCLA looks pretty sharp as does USC. But back with the bases we like the moves the Yankees have made , it was funny to see Dave Dombrowski throwing a little shade this week. You can't fault the Yankees they took matters into their own hands and made the right moves at the deadline. Boston just could not compete as they are now on the fading train. Tough to see any hope from the Orioles , and tough to see Zach Britton still on the roster. Wow, they sure missed a big opportunity to stock up on some talent. And then they also became buyers in a weird way. The Blue Jay's sure have played horribly so far in 2017. WTF moment. On paper they look like they can compete but when they take the field it just shatters. The Rays's look like a good darkhorse in the Wildcard race. I have liked betting them this year, they have been + money , but you really have to pick your spots. The teams that have been good to me in the surprisingly category .The Ray's, WhiteSox, Twins, Mariners and Padres. Not all in that order, allot of grey in that lineup. And I guess Ill end with the RedSox. And complete the impromptu A.L East review. They had there chances but they just couldn't close out the games. I see them finishing third in the A.L , and after this season a major overhaul. There getting old and it has shown up in the front office and field. But they gave allot of money for next year. They will finally get that damn third basemen of FA 2018. In my opinion the AL will finish as follows. Yankees Rays RedSox BlueJay's O's Anyways those are my thoughts , right or wrong. Gentlemen, have a great Tuesday Night Brent Argue