Dog Day's of Summer and Pork Barrels

Wed, Aug 2, 2017

It's been hot in our neck of the woods, in the high 80's and low 90's all week and next. Forest fires causing a ruckus and lot's of smoke. MLB after the break has seen a few weird games , but that is expected this time of year. We re getting through, and taking a few lumps along the way. Honestly there is no exact science to this madness, however statistically speaking we are playing the markets in a unsual way and gradually building on our yearly pork barrel.

Speaking of the hot weather , what's the deal in the eastern part of the country. I wish Icould make a prop bet against the weather nights. Rain, PPD, Delay's its been a record year for the weather, and I don't see that trend changing (this year or next). I m afraid we are in for some more rainy day's ahead, so navigating those day's will be a little interesting. And this blog will never get political so no references to global warming or any other topics in that arena. 

We are looking at an NFL play for tomorrow. Though we are not set. The game opened at 37 and has dropped to 35. we will see how the markets open tomorrow and gather a consensus.

Washington got beat bad today , you have to question how Dusty Baker runs things. It's not on the GM or players. It seem's this year managers have forgotten how to run a bullpen. Though getting blanked 7-0 has nothing to do with the pen. I see them in a bit of trouble as right away the Cubs start a series with them on Friday. I love how the season just get's more difficult and unpreictable. 

Had a few final thoughts on the A.L Central, but it's not really that exciting at the moment. I am just glad to see the Indans starting to get there act in gear. I hate seeing teams lose their potential. 

And the heat is getting to me, even at night,


God Bless


Brent Argue