It's how the cookie crumbles and the first losing streak ....

Sun, Aug 20, 2017

Wow , was the only opperative word I could describe as I sat down and wrote this blog. Losing streaks are the worst, and boy did I it happen , this week in a big way.

I got ker-bombed, shelacked, bamboozled on the weekend and felt my confidence shaking at one point. But in the end without defending or justifying my picks and analysis I got nailed this weekend and I own it. Ouch!

Losing streak happen and I felt this one and it's searing pain, but tomorrow is another day. The wins will always come back, the streaks will always happen wether you lose or you win.

It's like anything in life, you just can't take it personally , there are alwasy peaks and there are alway's valley's. There is ton to learn from last week, this was a learning oppurtunity as we look back. There is no such thing as end of the world, well that is until you or I die, and then well that is pretty final (lol).

Black or white thinking can never exist in this sort of predicerment or situation. There is always options and there are always solutions. And that is pretty much what we are doing here. We surrender this last week and turn it over, I love the start of a new day, and new aoppurtunity in life. you are never in a hole you cannot get out of.  

A few losing streak rule and thoughts, and how to get out. 


1. Understand losing streaks happen ( and so do the winning streaks)


     One person's losing streak  is another person's accounted for blip'. No betting strategy ever survived by relying on every single selection being a winner. Every losing streak is an opputunity to go over unit sizes/ and selection process's/looking at a different strategy. You can cower and get mad at yourself,  you can also get mad at the  games or the books, but you can only control what you can control, and living in the world of dwelling is only going to kill you. Turning it over is a huge skill in life and takes away allot of, should of's, could of's , would of's, hindsight will kill you in this game, you just have to move on. 


2. Analyse your strategy or what happened. Learn.


     How did I get here? What am I going to do about it. Go through your betting history and spreadsheets of shame and if you look close enough you will see where you went wrong. For instance and from me personally ,  If I honestly look back over the weekend I began to chase losses. A huge no-no, but I completly admit it this weekend. Second when ahead stop and enjoy. Instead I kept the juices flowing, It was a matter of discipline , that was good to know. When you look at the first red flag when chasing, same thing. Always quit while you are ahead, limit the action, don't chase. Thirdly which is totally related but never talked about, what was going on emotionally this week, admitedly I had two things going on in my life in the background, new rule limit action and clear up the baggage, and move on when cleared. Instead I kept up the pace while dealing with  few things that took away focus. You can really only focus on one thing at a time. I took allot on this week, and paid the price (lol).

There is no better way to help you develop discipline than to look back at the cold hard facts and some truths , and learn from them and see what it is costing you. 


3. Don't be a coward


     Stand tall and resolute, suiting up and showing up, and taking your lumps will always help in working through a losing streak, wether in betting or in life. Keep sticking to the plan, and if that plan needs tuning, than make adjustments and continue on. Look back at your success and see what got you there and then implement.  Take the night off, enjoy the family, eat we well get rest, self care is always important in a losing streak. Never give up and stay strong. The less you cower and self doubt and work through the problem, you will alway's come out stronger on the otherside. Get rid of that black/white thinking, let me ask you , " how is it helping ?". A losing streak will only make you stronger becasue you can learn from it , and make the new changes to a solid plan. Plans and strategies always change, remain fluid. Be Brave.


4. Get over it


     At the end of the day , all will be well. There is no defeat in taking a break, or asking for help, or learning from mistakes. There is no shame in surrendering and admitting defeat for that week, or that thing that is bugging you, or that thing you are not dealing with. Pick yourself up, dust yourslelf off and learn from it. Move on to the next day and enjoy what you are doing. Discipline, Discipline and learning, and discipline, I cannot stress that enough. Don't play the victim card, and don't play the tough guy card, they never help.

At the end of the day your sleeping well again.

lastly a good piece of advice, is to,


" Fail to prepare and prepare to fail"


Life will always be good again.


Guy's I hope you do well in all endevours, I have nothing but resepct for all of you in the Cappertek world, or the world in general.



See you all bright and early Monday morning,


Brent Argue

North of Pacific Insights