Some trends that are forming.

Sun, May 14, 2017

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It's been quite a grind for betting on the MLB so far, this season. However there are some interesting  trends that I see forming. It was kind of fun to see Tanaka get lit up in the first tonight. I love betting against the public, that is how a make a bulk of my money. Betting against the Chicago Cubs, and the Cleveland Indians has also been very profitable. And I see that trend moving positive, moving forward . I love what I am seeing out of the Rockies so far. They have the bats and they have the moxie, the question is will there piching hold up?.

I also love what I am seeeing out of the Padres, albeit they are not going to win the division. They are however producing some good value on the underdog card. As well as the Tampa Bay Ray's for that matter. You just have to know when to bet them. So far,  I am getting on the right side on the MLB. I am using the DL to my advantage. And I am always betting against the hype. It seems to be working. 

Brent Argue

Pacific North West Sports