The Incredible Power of the 4 Team Round Robin Parlay!

Wed, Feb 7, 2018

Proven Bet Type

All professional sports bettors will agree that the 4 team round robin parlay by combinations of 3’s is capable of producing the greatest profits on any given day without burying yourself in risk.


The logic is extremely simple: win 75% of your wagers and win 3:1. Sweep all four plays and you will win 6x your money.


The reason why I’m telling you this is because today is the perfect time to deploy this highly lucrative bet type. With all of the College Basketball spread throughout the day you can really create and manage some huge opportunities for yourself just by knowing how to strategically place these wagers.

If you've never played these types of wagers here’s a few tips:

Rule #1 - Side & Total

Mathematically speaking it's easier to predict one game's result than two, correct?

With this being said, choose one game in which you feel that you can accurately predict both the side and total on. This gets you the first two games in your four-team round robin.

Rule #2 - Stagger Your Wagers

Now you will need to choose two more selections to complete your wager. The key to doing this is to stagger the start times on the renaming two games. For example, if the parlay game goes off at noon, you would ideally want to take a 4pm game and a 10pm game for your other two selections. By doing this you will have plenty time to learn the result of the parlay game before the other two games begin.

Rule #3 - Read & React

Now that you’ve strategically selected your four teams, your main job at this point is to eliminate the gamble. This is where experience can play a huge role.


If the two-team parlay sweeps, you've now given yourself plenty of time to react and hedge the remaining two bets through wagers like: live betting, alternative lines, halftime wagers, open parlays, etc.

If you split the earlier two team parlay, then you would simply look to hit the remaining two plays for a +3:1 profit.


How you will react to your open parlays will depend on several factors. For example, if your looking for a huge return you may choose to let it ride and hedge your bet through live betting. Or if it’s the beginning of the week and you want to play it safe you may elect to hedge your remaining game through an open parlay. Experience plays a huge part in knowing how and when to react.


Four team round robin parlays by threes allow sports bettors the greatest chance for profit without taking on incredible risk. Stick to the core principles outlined above and you too will be able to cash in on this proven method.

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