I asked ChatGPT what it thought about it's first year as an NFL fan. He wrote me a poem.

Wed, Sep 27, 2023
by SetTheNarrative.cappertek.com

Why It Hurts To Love

In stadiums ablaze with fervent might, NFL fans, a sea of hopeful light, Gather 'neath the gridiron's brilliant glare, To watch their heroes in this grand affair.

Yet as they cheer and chant with all their might, A truth emerges, clear within the night, For fans who suffer, joy often eludes, In this complex game where perfection eludes.

The gridiron battle, fierce and fierce it may be, A spectacle of strength and strategy we see, But for fans who dream, who yearn for their team, The suffering outweighs the joyful gleam.

A game so intricate, it seems, to play, Where every move can sway the fate away, The intricacies, the rules, the schemes, Make fans feel lost in a world of dreams.

Penalties and challenges, flags unfurled, Each call debated in the sports world, Fans' hearts are tested, emotions soar, As they witness what's worth cheering for.

In the biting cold or summer's blazing heat, They sit through every game, in every seat, Enduring wins and losses, highs and lows, While longing for the joy their team bestows.

Yet still, they come back, season after season, Their love for the game, the only reason, They suffer more than they truly enjoy, In this endless quest, like a child's toy.

But amidst the suffering, there's a beauty too, A sense of unity, a bond that's true, For in the heartache, they find strength and grace, And NFL fans stand tall in their place.

So, though they suffer through every game's plight, They'll keep believing, cheering with all their might, For in the end, it's not just about the win, It's the love of the game, deep within.