Wed, Oct 4, 2023

In the unforgiving arena of professional football, the quarterback's prowess often shapes a team's destiny, and when coupled with defensive strength, it can lead to championships. Let's dissect the performances of several quarterbacks and their supporting defenses after four intense weeks of play.

New England Patriots - Mac Jones:

Since week four, the Patriots have struggled, falling short of the 24-point mark by an average of 10.25 points per game. Mac Jones, the below average qb, faces challenges, notably his discomfort with hits affecting his pocket presence. Defensively, the Patriots have managed to keep opponents just above the 24-point threshold by a mere point, .25 on average. It's a stark indication that the Patriots' woes predominantly stem from offensive struggles named Mac Jones. 

New York Jets - Zach Wilson:

Zach Wilson, Aaron Rodgers replacement for the Jets, faces a confidence crisis as the offense lags behind by 7.5 points per game. However, the Jets find solace in their defense, which consistently keeps opponents below 24 points, with an average margin of 3 points. Wilson's potential, coupled with a robust defense and an above average kicking game, offers a glimmer of hope for the Jets' future.

Chicago Bears - Justin Fields:

The Bears find themselves in a quagmire, with their offense falling short by 5.25 points per game. Justin Fields, the young quarterback, bears the burden of offensive struggles. On the defensive front, coaching woes are evident as the Bears allow opponents to score a staggering 10.25 points over 24 each game on average. It's a double-edged sword for Chicago, with both offense and coaching needing significant improvements. Would Fields do better if he was in Tampa Bay? I think the probability of Fields excelling in Tampa Bay as a Buc is very high when you compare their offense and defense to the Bears. 

New Orleans Saints - Derek Carr:

Derek Carr, often hailed as an elite quarterback, faces a tumultuous period. The Saints' offense falters, averaging 8.5 points below the 24-point mark, raising questions about Carr's performance. Despite a strong defensive effort, limiting opponents to 5 points below 24 on average, Carr and the Saints are unable to convert defensive strength into victories, indicating coaching issues. Carr and Mac Jones are basically sharing the same fate but Carr's issues are coaching and Mac's issues are that he doesn't have a spine or the balls to stand in the pocket. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Baker Mayfield:

In contrast, the Buccaneers showcase a balanced approach, with Baker Mayfield leading the offense to an impressive average of just 3 points below 24. The real triumph, however, lies in their defense, which consistently prevents opponents from reaching the 24-point threshold, with an average margin of 7 points. This synergy between offense and defense positions the Buccaneers as formidable contenders.

In this analysis, it's evident that quarterback performance, defensive prowess, and coaching strategies intertwine to define a team's success. While some teams struggle with offensive limitations, others face challenges in converting defensive strength into victories. As the season unfolds, the true test lies in how these teams adapt, learn, and overcome their shortcomings to emerge victorious in the competitive landscape of professional football.