What is a unit? How do I determine my unit?

Wed, Feb 14, 2024
by ShaggyRA.cappertek.com

Setting a betting unit involves determining the amount of money you're comfortable risking on each bet. It's typically a percentage of your overall bankroll, often ranging from 1-5%. My experience has taught me that your unit should be around 2% to 3% of your bankroll. This encourages slow and steady grow if you win and will not wipe when you lose. You will win and you will lose. Guaranteed. TLDR; Decide on a consistent unit size that aligns with your risk tolerance and overall betting strategy. Adjust it based on changes in your bankroll to maintain a disciplined approach to betting. EXAMPLE: I like to think of units not just in percentages but in how many bets you can get out of your bankroll. If your bank roll is $1000 and you set your unit size to 1%, each bet would be $10 and you could get 100 losing bets out of that original $1000. That would guarantee a minimum of 100 bets even if you lost 100 in a row. Which is unlikely so it would be considered pretty safe. But that would also make slow rate of growth even if you hit 55% of your bets. If you set a unit as 5% of your bank roll each bet now %50, but you can only lose 20 bets before your orinignal $1000 is gone. Sure it is unlikely you will lose 20 in a row also, but if you have a week where you go 10 wins and 20 loses you will be down significantly. Not fun and it has happened or will happen to almost everybody. Of course if you go 20 and 10 you will be happy. 5% in not a bad idea, just riskier. I prefer a more balance approach. I like to use a 2% or 2.5% unit size because that gives me 40 or 50 bets I can lose. That allow me to play for a longer time period playing guaranteed and allows good growth I do things right. Remember, you will eventually lose your original bankroll. The goal is to grow and win enough to cover that loss. If you set your unit too low, your growth will be slow and you might lose discipline. If you set your unit too high your growth could be awesome, but your risk of loss also rises. If you set your unit somewhere in the middle you have time to play "the game" and your growth can be healthy enough to enjoy it.