MLB underdog value in the last month.

Sun, Sep 11, 2022

In the beginning of spring, fresh cut grass smell means MLB season is on its way. Well, we’re heading to fall and baseball is coming to the end. Nice cold front weather for the beginning of the playoff depending where you live at. It can be cold up north and fairly cool in the south. How can we find a value on underdog teams that are out of the playoffs' contention? Key thing on betting on out of contention teams is to play them. They have nothing to lose. Know don’t go play ever game. Find out who is there playing and if it’s a playoff team. Wait for the line up to come out. Find out if their pitcher is getting called up to the big show. The MLB manager will sit some of their key players down and let other bench players get some playing time. Know you will have to look at the standing too. If there are 2 games or 3 games away from clinching playoff berth, playing for the division, or home field advantage, then the manger might not rest his key players. If they clinched a playoff spot and have nothing to play for, then fire away on the under dawgs. There is a method to wager on these dawgs. If you a high roller bettor $1000. Then cut your wagers in four instead of one wager. One unit is equivalent to a $1000. Cutting your wagers to .25 unit is $250 a game at plus odds. Example winning all 4 wagers at +200. That’s $500 for each game. Then you would win $2000 and your $1000 investment back. Not bad right. Total $3000.

Example winning 3 wager and losing one +200. That’s still $500 each game. Then you would collect $1500 and your $1000 investment back. Still not bad. Total $2500.

Example winning  2 losing 2 wagers +200. That’s still $500 each game. Then you would collect even money for $1000. You live another day and do the same tomorrow. If you break even. Now I know if I lose all 4 wagers, then you lose 1 unit instead of 4 units. I would rather lose $1000 instead of losing $4000 on 4 $1000 losing wagers. Math is a major key component in this industry. Please don’t get discouraged about math. Just before you want to do something and don’t grasp it get with your handicapper and ask some questions. Especially if it involves money. Note these are examples. You probably a $100, 50, 20, 10 bettors. Nothing wrong with that you still can apply these examples into your units. Remember, every game is not a winner. When ever you can stomach losing, then you become more familiar with the betting industry. If you are a novice bettor, I would do lots of reading an u tube video and learn. In the meantime, if there is no time, then give your handicapper a shot to service your investment. This takes time to become a big guy in this business.