Bubble Bursting

Wed, Mar 2, 2016
by SportsAdvising.com

Bubble Bursting

What is going on with the bubble teams this year? Do they want to play in the NCAA Tournament or are they trying to make the NIT? The lack of wins by bubble teams lately has been pathetic. I understand it is tough to win this time of the year. But, how are all these bubble teams losing games and getting blown out? Your guess is as good as mine.

Florida needed a win at home against Kentucky. Kentucky is good, but not great. Florida shot horribly from the FT line (16-37), shot the 3 ball poorly and got lost on defense way too many times. There are nights shots won’t fall. But, if they made their free throws, they win the game. DeAndre Jordan would be proud.

Tulsa played against a bad Memphis team on Saturday. I should have known better then to bet on a Frank Haith team. This is a guy who keeps going from college to college, getting in trouble and taking worse jobs as he goes. His team gave no effort on the defensive end. Memphis went to the foul line all game and owned the paint. Enjoy the NIT, Tulsa.

LSU is not going to make the tournament. Come on Ben Simmons. I think Simmons could be an NBA superstar. He should be. He is almost a lock for the #1 pick in the draft. But, where is the “take over” mentality. I realize he cannot shoot. But, try to shoot. Take the ball and clear out everyone. Go down swinging. I have seen far less talented players carry their team to the tournament. I am disappointed we will not see Simmons and the Tigers deep in March.

Every year teams play themselves in and out of the tournament. It seems like there are a lot of teams this year just trying to get to the NIT. Clearly, these teams are not the best teams in the nation since they are fighting for the last spots. But, nobody is stepping up and taking the opportunity.