Waste of Time Combine

Mon, Feb 29, 2016
by SportsAdvising.com

Waste of Time Combine

The NFL Combine is embarrassing, pointless and a waste of time. Having 325 pound linemen run a 40 yard dash… why? I will never be convinced the NFL combine proves anything. Show me a “workout warrior” and I will show you his sub-par film. If a guy can bench press 225 lbs. 25 times but gets lost on his assignment, how does his stock go up? Oh, he also did well on his Wonderlic test. So he must be smart enough to pass that, but not listen to his college coaches. Got it.

Joey Bosa ran a 4.86 40-yard dash this weekend. He is a large man who wreaks havoc on offensive linemen. His time was deemed “poor” and “underperforming.” Huh? How many times in his NFL career is he going to run 40 yards on a straight line? 3…4…5? ZERO? So, he was triple-teamed in college, because he can crush quarterbacks, but he was one to two tenths of a second slower over a 40 yard beeline compared to inferior and smaller linemen. I am surprised he is even getting drafted. How did he even get into Ohio State? Give me a break. Look at J.J. Watt’s combine numbers and Bosa’s.

40 Yard Dash: Watt: 4.84 Bosa: 4.86

20 Yard Shuttle: Watt: 4.21 Bosa: 4.21

3 Cone Drill: Watt: 6.88 Bosa: 6.89

They are almost exactly the same. I am not saying Bosa is the next Watt, but this nitpicking is why the bad teams stay bad. If some lineman ran a 4.65 40 then why doesn’t his film show him being blocked by 3 guys, getting sacks and scoring touchdowns? Oh right, football is not played with no pads, against imaginary blockers and with “workout warriors.” Another prime example is Leonard Floyd from Georgia. Phenomenal pass rusher in college. He was injured during the drills and did not compete in some. His draft stock is falling because of that. So because he did not run around some cones or imaginary blockers, his success in the SEC is nullified. STOP THE MADNESS!

JaMarcus Russell sky rocketed up draft boards because he impressed at the combine. Did scouts forget he couldn’t make a throw in college? There are countless scenarios just like him. These guys work out strictly for the combine to be great at these drills that have no bearing on an actual game. Show me a guy who put up great numbers in college with great film and I could care less if he had 2 less reps on the bench press than the next guy. The NFL thinks they are smarter than everyone. Want to know why teams like the Browns, Lions, Redskins and others draft terribly every year? They think the guys in the combine with no pads, no blockers and no helmet proves how good they are!

To make matters worse is ESPN talking about the NFL 24/7/365. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay get way too much air time. They are quick to point out how right they are. They are wrong more than they are right. They are glorified weathermen. When they are right, they stick their chest out. When they are wrong, they blame it on the kid or how everyone else was wrong as well. Stop wasting your time worrying about the cone drills and shuttle drills these kids are doing at the combine. If your team is good, they know the film and what really matters, not this meaningless crap.