I speak, therefore I am...

Tue, Sep 6, 2022
by SportsBettingPub.net

Well, I guess if I am speaking I must be alive so that's good!

I am Ej, that Rainmaker guy who has been betting on sports entirely too long which means I have seen it all. I have hosted my own betting discussion site for 25 years between Yahoo groups and forums, and have kept accounts to track all of my activity for years. Now, you will me tracking bets here so you can either take advantage of my service or just sit there! Life is about choices... Choose wisely young grasshoppa!

Women's Tennis is certainly one of my strange strengths because I have been watching it since 1974 and betting on it for 30 years. I write about sports, talk about sports, have a sports web site and when I bet, you listen! That is all!