NY Giants Fans

Wed, Mar 25, 2015
by TodaysBigPlay.cappertek.com

Another free agency period in which the Giants brass have spent a ton of money on second string talent.  As each year goes by with GM Reese it just seems to be the same old product.  We pay our PSL's we pay our season tickets and we are left with the same results for the past several years.  THIS IS NEW YORK! The largest market you can possibly be in, why can't Mara, Reese and others see what this market and its fans deserve.  You get rid of the players we want, you bring in the players we have never heard of.  Can't for just once you make a big splash move and sign a difference maker.  Get your fans excited.  Yes Vereen was a good move but certainly far from a big signing.  How much did you pay the kick returner Harris from Dallas????  Come on Giants give us what we deserve.  We spend the money, we are their every home game cheering you on, can't we at least produce something worth spending our hard earned dollars on.