Finding long term profit in alternative bets

Sun, Jul 14, 2019

I decided to make my first blog about something that has been a big part of 21 Sports betting plans over the last few months. This post is about making long term profits with alternative and prop bets. Of course one of the most important rules of sports investing is to find value. That is the name of the game.  Getting the best price you can on a spread, total,  or moneyline.  I agree with this 100 percent of course but I've always had a slight variation on the definition of value. Value to me also means scouring the entire sports marketplace to find inefficiencies in that marketplace and in todays sports betting world with thousands of different types of bets those inefficiencies can often be found in those alternative bet types. Value to me means a bet on the board that when you look at it it looks like easy money.  The juice might be a little higher than the norm but you can lay that juice feeling confident with an easy return. The easy money is out there. Spend a little more time searching and you just may find a pot of gold in the form of a prop bet you may have never given a second thought about before