TopTier MMA Betting Origins and Reflections

Fri, Jul 1, 2016


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  • Article: Reflections of Experience and Thoughts of Betting (the Origins)
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This will be a brief article. If we can call it that (article/post). I ‘m no famous reporter for a well-known mma website who interviews fighters; and eh I ‘m sure that I will never be. I’m just a fanatic. I recall stating a few articles ago that the first card; or rather the first time that I truly considered betting on fights was Feb 22, 2015 UFC fight night (Bigfoot Vs Frank Mir). Then it dawned on me whoa; I have only been doing this for little over a year. (Approximately 1 year and 4 months). I honestly don’t know how I feel about that. Although it’s only been a little over a year but in some regards I do feel battle tested. I tend to bet on every card. I suppose there are quite a few cards a year as of lately. And even within that year itself I feel like my style and conviction has evolved. I used to do $5 bets, $10 max bets, and stay there. Happy with the wins because they were wins.

I attribute a great deal of this “evolution” to this group. I’ve learned and continue to learn a lot from the members here. I guess looking back I can say I’m somewhat successful/lucky. My personal goal last year was $2500 and I actually accomplished it on topbet. I actually accomplished this year’s goal also. So I can’t help but to feel somewhat content I suppose. I always thought, man it would be cool if there was a supportive facebook group that focused on UFC betting; well here we are. Special thanks to Joe Finkleday he took the ride with me. But I truly believe we are so much more than that. This is why I will always encourage people to post their bets. I was the same way a little over a year ago. I kind of associate the bets with badges of honor. Especially those long shot wins! You should be praised win, or lose or draw; Especially a draw. If you bet a damn draw in UFC or Soccer #bank! Lol.

But this also has me wondering; how long have others been betting?! What are the goals/end game of betting? I personally would love to pay off some debt. LOL and buy a signed UFC belt. LMFAO. It would be kind of sweet to do this as a job but I’m no Vegas Dave. But I did state that my goal was to be a low budget ow brow Vegas Dave. I guess I will end this article soon but before I do . I guess I ‘m really interested in knowing how long our members have been betting while concurrently encouraging our members who may feel to shy to post bet slips or even bet. I never thought I would bet $100 on a bet. But I made my way up. Remember with the losses come experience, and with the wins come glory; well and $$$. Keep at it team!

-Humbly written and submitted by yours truly,

TopTier MMA aka Beans Enabler Blue