Tips: Don't Get Scammed by Typical Scamdicapper Tactics

Thu, Dec 5, 2019
by CapperTek

The sports handicapping industry is full of scam services trying to con unsuspecting sports bettors out of their hard earned cash to line their own pockets. While there are still good and honest sports handicappers out there who work hard for their clients to turn a profit over time, you have to watch out for the scammers. Below we have listed a few things you should look out for when deciding what service to follow and use.


THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT! Often scam sports handicapping services have illegitimate records posted on their website or boast improbable returns. Some services do not even post their picks history or records on their website. Why? Simply because they are not that good at picking games. Typical scam services are more of a marketing firm rather than an actual sports handicapping service. They spend BIG MONEY to find and market their services to new and unassuming sports bettors and do not actually spend any time researching or handicapping games to get that slight edge that is required to turn a profit betting on sports.

So make sure you ask to see their documented picks history and records posted on a third party documentation or monitoring service. We have listed some reputable documentation or monitoring services below:

Generally speaking if a service is boasting a record of over 59% over a long period of time, THEY ARE LYING! Even 59% over a long period of time is a generous estimation of a realistic winning percentage but that is the number we will use as a bench-mark of what to look out for. Also, by "long period of time" we mean either after a couple years of consistent service or at least 3,000+ picks.


TRY AND STAY SHORT-TERM! Often scam sports handicapping services want to lock you in to expensive long-term packages for their services. We recommend you purchase services day-to-day or short term (even if you have to spend a bit more) so you can stop using their service if they start to run cold. This prevents you from having big money tied up long-term with a service that is losing or just not performing the way they advertised or the way you expected. That is why we do not allow services to offer access package lengths of more than 60-days on CapperTek.


THIS IS A BIG RED FLAG! Often scam sports handicapping services use low services prices ($5, $10, $25, etc.) to attract and lure sports bettors into buy their service but then refuse service until they can upgrade them to higher level or "VIP" packages at much higher prices ($3,000, $5,000, $10,000, etc.) by claiming these packages would provide a better return or winning percentage over their standard packages or regular picks.

Do not fall for this typical scam tactic. All picks released by any sports handicapping service should be of equal value. It would make no sense that one set of picks are regular picks and another set of picks are higher level or "VIP" picks nor is that even possible for them to predict. So don't fall for this scam tactic.


JUST DON'T DO IT! Scam services love to get you to send them cash directly. Why? It's pretty simple, you cannot contest or charge-back a cash service purchase. Common cash services include Western Union or MoneyGram. Often scam sports handicappers request you to pay them via these kinds of services so pay attention. If a service asks you to send them big money via a cash service, they are probably looking to pull a quick one past you. If their picks start to fail miserably or they start pulling shady scamdicapper tactics as described in this article, you would have no recourse to get your money back. Make sure you cover yourself by paying with a credit card that allows you to dispute your purchase if you encounter any scam-like behavior. Paying with PayPal is usually a good idea because they provide great customer protection services. PayPal is the ONLY payment processing method we allow sports handicapping services to use to sell their picks directly on CapperTek.


So remember, the lifeblood of scam sports handicapping services is to simply attract and lure new unsuspecting sports bettors by using these typical scam tactics and very rarely do they end up having repeat or even happy customers. So beware and make smart decisions when deciding on what sports handicapping service to use. We have many sports handicapping services on CapperTek that offer free sports picks daily so you can follow most services for free before deciding who to purchase. You can also view the CapperTek Leaderboard to find honest and legit sports handicapping services who are currently hot and profitable.


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