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Hello I hope you are all having a great day!      


I have been handicapping sports for a while now and have built up a good clientel.  I am on here to have an online site to keep my official stats on and to recruit more clients into my circle.


I am currently working on updating my website and will have it on here as soon as it is up to par where I want it.   In the meantime I can let you access your picks on here or I can even email them directly to you.      I do texting as well with my text service,  I will let you choose how you get the games.


I am not only a sports capper and an analytics master,  but I am also in business management and can help you manage your bankroll to the point where you make the money you are looking for.         I currently have several retirees using my service to make supplemental income and even have stay at home moms who like to have extra spending cash while the husband is at work,   I even have people who stay at home and use my service to make big bucks.


I do all sports.    Are you ready for baseball season?     I would have to say outside of the NFL baseball is my best sport to handicap.   I hit at a near 70 pct clip last season for a 28.2% R.O.I over the season.     Decent numbers.             I also did very well during March Madness last year going a combined 21-5 for a 47.9% R.O.I.       Now you can see my online official stats and check my standings this year I am preparing for another great run over the next month!




If you have any questions just email me.  I do all sports and with MarchMadness coming I am ready to make you some money.     Email me and lets talk.       


Come join the team.

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