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* Return on Investment (ROI) figures above represent potential returns based on a $100 per unit risk amount. Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future performance.

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Hey, i'm Yad, some may know me from, the place where you can find best mma info for betting. I'm betting on mma since 3years, and it's been working pretty well...

I will not talk a lot,  my result speaks for themselves... I've been posting my bets/predictions on mmabettingtips forum, so you can eventually go and check my detailed results on each events.

If you need more, my breakdowns, advices, and best underdogs are all on forum, come check and let's exchange opinions.


I started put my bets on on the 14th of February 2015, so everybody can benefit of what i call "free money" :-) . 



This is my  results for 2015 year:


January: +33,54

-UFC 182 :    +14.66 units

-Bellator132: -0.54units

-UFC FN59:    +11 units

-UFC Fox14:   +1.5units

-UFC 183:      +6.92units


February: +9.98


-Bellator133:  +1units

-UFC FN60:    +11,6units (Started to record my bets on

-UFC FN61:    -3.39units

-Bellator134:  +1.60units

-UFC184:       -0.83units


March: +10.98

-UFC185:      +4.08units

-UFC FN62:   +5.72units

-Bellator135/WSOF19: +1.18units


April: +10.24

-UFC FN63:    +10.53units   

-Bellator136/WSOF20: +3.07units

-UFC FN64:     -4.68units

-UFC FOX15:  -4.52units

-UFC 186:   +5.84units 


 May: +7.35

-UFC FN 65:  +6.55Units

-UFC FN 66:  +10.2Units

-UFC 187:  -3.06Units

-UFC FN 67: -6.34Units


June : -12.55

-UFC FN 68: -6.98Units

-UFC 188: -1.52Units

-Bellator 138: +0.05Units

-UFC FN 69: -4.1Unis

-UFC FN 70: No bets


July: -7.63

-UFC 189: -14.1Units

-TUF Finale 21: No bets

-UFC FN 71: No bets

-UFC FN 72: No bets

UFC FOX16: +6.47Units ("I me, I back " lol :-))


August: +5.9

-UFC 190:+2.32Units

-WSOF22: +2Units

-UFC FN 73:+0.88Units

-UFC FN 74: +0.7Units


September: +15.9

-UFC 191: -4.70Units

-InvictaFC14: +0.24Units

-Bellator 143: +2.30Units

-UFC FN75: +17.61Units




All the recaps and details of my past bets are on the forum of,  on the last pages of each topics.


Why waste your time and your money , when you can just follow picks and relax at home whatching your bankaccount growing every week...?? 



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