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* Return on Investment (ROI) figures above represent potential returns based on a $100 per unit risk amount. Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future performance.

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*ACTION PLAYS are available as always ABSOLUTLY FREE on Cappertek and also via twitter @MurderTheBookie (0.5 to 1.0 unit or no more than 1% of your bankroll is reccommended when taking advantage of my Action Plays/Leans.)

-To get the most out of my service I reccommend that you purchase a full week of service and skip the 1 day access pass. Because I am selective and monitor line movement to beat the closing line I will sometimes post picks for the weekend early in the week to get the best line possible on that game. If you were to wait until the weekend to purchase a 1 day pass thinking you would gain access to all of the plays for that week at a cheaper price, you're wrong! You will have lost all value for the games that I had posted earlier in the week. Also by purchasing the full week you are able to recieve my 2nd half plays in real time. So taking the full week of service early in the week is the best way to take full advantage of my picks. You can recieve alerts when I post a pick and will be able to get down on the same line that I do.

My name is Bucky, owner and operator of Smart Money Sports, a sports betting consultant service. I take my job seriously and my record speaks for itself. I always bet the plays that I give out. I am an expert in analyzing matchups, finding key angles, monitoring the market, and I have access to the best information and most reliable resources in the sports industry. I am committed to selling sports investment advice that works. The reason I sell sports advice is because I am good at it. Honestly, I am not really selling picks, I am selling my time and information. I concentrate on winning through my proven system of 'Selective Value Investing' while adding to my clients bankrolls. I do not look at sports betting in a gambling sense, what we do here is sports investing. I take a wall street style approach to my investments by calculating risk. I do not claim to turn clients into millionaires over night, But I do win year in and year out providing high ROI and turning my clients into millionaires over time.

Because I am human, I do have cold streaks from time to time just like anyone else. However, I consistently have winning weeks and more importantly winning months. I treat my clients with respect and more as partners rather than customers. Building that relationship and seeing my clients prosper makes all the hard work worth it. As I mentioned, I am very selective with my plays so if you're looking for a high volume of random picks I am not your guy, But if you're looking for only the strongest 5-7 plays on the board every week and consistent winners, you've came to the right place. Let's get paid!

No Analysis

I do not provide write-ups/analysis for every pick I release. This allows more time for me to focus on breaking down and actually handicapping the games as well as maintaining the edge of certain techniques and information that are used to pick winners. You don't need me to prove to you in a paragraph why a particular pick is a good play. As long as it wins and I have the information that pays, that's all that matters. The ROI speaks for its self.


If a Premium Selections subscription does not show a net profit, Your account will automatically be renewed for the same subscription FREE OF CHARGE! (Guarantee not eligible for 1-Day subscriptions)


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