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5 years  employed at nevada sports books, during that time I could only bet on out of country sites.  And some I still use to this day.  1 year as a capper.  I used to post my plays on FB free for everyibe to see with a picture of a bettering slip so they knew I was playing it.  After going 16-0 one week a friend asked why I wasn’t selling my licks instead of just giving away untold dollars in winners.  I was already winning.  I wanted to bring others along for the ride.  Now 16-l stretch is rare just like a 4-12 stretch.  But they do  happen. That’s where money management comes in. It’s not as hard as it sounds.  If you can work a computer and you like winning money give me a chance. Check out my record in here and let me give y some winners in me.  Once you’re satisfied then and only then we talk $.  And it’s a small % in the bankroll you’re gonna build up on my free okays before we steady for real.  Please call the number abouver if email me and let’s start winning together 

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