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I have been sports betting for the last 20 years. It started out as a recreational event because I played sports my whole life. When I played my last college football game the sports betting filled the void of the competition. I started out betting 10 dollars a game and it just went higher and higher. Everysince I placed my first bet i knew that this was the industry I wanted to be involved with. So for the next few years just small bets and just for fun while I worked like everyone else. i have been doing both for the last 10 years. I decided to just go for it and take a chance and do this professionally. I have lived both life's of a professional bettor becauae I have seen and lived the lows. I worked my way through it and understand now how to succeed and be a professional sports bettor. I know what it takes to work hard and provide you with the winners to make you be successful also. I know this is not your normal bio. I wanted you to know that I will be honest and work hard because I know the work it takes to be successful in this industry and I want to help you be successful also. 

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