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* Return on Investment (ROI) figures above represent potential returns based on a $100 per unit risk amount. Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future performance.

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I like fights and I like money. I watch at least 8 hours of fights everyday. I train, teach and live fights.

Only straight fight picks, so I (and you if you follow my picks) can find quotes for fights from pretty much every promotion in the world, in most of the main bookies out there.

I DO NOT FOLLOW THE UNIT BETTING SYSTEM. Betting a % of your total capital everytime, and increasing this amount as your money grows through time, is a 100% certain way to go broke in the long run, given a sufficiently long, long run. DON'T DO THIS. The goal is to make money, not to have a heart attack everytime you lose a bet.

MMA betting is a numbers game. I try to bet on every fight where I can find at least two fights from each fighter involved to make my own analysis. This way I can pretty much guarantee that I will make money in the long run, since I KNOW that, on average, I WIN. This is also the reason why I ALWAYS BET THE SAME AMOUNT ON EVERY BET. I can not say with 100% certainty that fighter A will beat fighter B, but after years of playing this game I can guarantee that out of every 100 fights, I can predict the winner of ~70. And I do not bet on favorites only, so the math is on my side.

If you tail my bets, choose an amount that you are comfortable with, and ALWAYS bet this same amount in EVERY BET. In my personal bets I bet 400 bucks per fight, as this is what I AM COMFORTABLE WITH, and is a small enough amount that I can still bet in pretty much any bookie out there. Do not fool yourselves, if you start betting 10k per fight regularly, and WIN MORE THAN YOU LOSE, really really fast you will start having trouble finding a bookie to place your bets.

As you can see from my track record, I WIN. I bet in MMA because it's easy. I ENJOY WATCHING FIGHTS FROM OBSCURE PROMOTIONS and involving fighters that are in the start of their careers.


I used to post my picks on bet,mma,tips, under the alias "Degenerate Savant". You could find me at:

But, starting at the end of October 2023, when I was ranked number 2 on the site (out of ~6000), an insider with access to the database (probably one of the top pickers I had surpassed on the rankings) started systematically removing points from my record. I would win 50 units on a given UFC event, and the system would show I ended the day with minus 20 units. So screw them, if it's a rigged ranking, I'm out. The slope on the graph was destroyed by this shenaningans, so do not believe that horrible descent on 2023, every single huge underdog I picked that was a winning bet was deleted from my record. Everything in the world that involves money will descend into corruption I guess. 

ps: I'm not a native english speaker, so if my Bio sounds a little bit weird to read, that's why. 

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