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When any gambler asks themselves the common question of "Why Vegas Wins?" many different reasons can come to mind. But at the end of the day, its truly a rather simple answer. That answer is that Vegas and every other gambling establishment relies on its patron to do exactly what they set out to do GAMBLE. If you are gambling, you usually have no gameplan going in, no goal set in mind and are thinking in terms of hitting it "big" rather then just hitting. Plus, those that are truly just gambling usually only gamble a few days each year. A typical Sports Bettor is in action almost daily. If you have no set bankroll, no set goal and are simply doing it for the action you are setting yourself up for FAILURE.

Here at Whyvegaswins.com, we promote money management just as much as we do game management. We use a system that involves a variable "Unit" that is used to gauge our overall success. Sure we strive for a 55% or better win percentage, however it is more important to us that Units were gained and our members seen a "Return on Inverstment". Cappertek.com uses the same "Unit" system to rank all of their Handicappers and have a "Return on Investement" chart so readers can accurately see how profiable each handicapper is. Since money management is one of our main principles, I encourage all new monthly members to reach out to me via email upon signup. At this time I will go over each members bankroll so we can figure out what value a "Unit" has for the, as well as what thier goal is whter it be week to week, biweekley or month to month. We usually advise our members to take anywhere from 1% to 10% of your bankroll and that will determine your "Unit". NOt only does this system help members with thier money mangagement, but it also allows some flexibility on the vaue of your "Unit". 

Our other main principle here at Whyvegaswins.com is HONESTY. There are too many scam artist disguised as Sports Handicappers who are out there strickly to take peoples money with no true service in return. There is no transparency with their picks or results and they encourage their members to wager above thiers means. At Whyvegaswins.com, I work directly with each member to ensure that the gameplan we have set in place is right for them. Since peoples personal situation constantly changes so should how thier money is being invested. 

So, if your tired of gambling and ready to start INVESTING do not wait any longer to join one of Cappertek.com HOTTEST Sports Investors/Handicappers.  


Donnie Digler


Here is a GREAT piece of reading that goes a little further into being a disciplined "Investor" and not an action seeking "Gambler". 

http://www.predictem.com/handicapping/sports-investing.php ****

****Source- www.predictem.com


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