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New Complaint Reported for 1WinningPickADay.com on 3/13/2023
1WinningPickADay.com Review

Was interested in this handicapper, due to being in 2nd place currently on the leaderboard, but the website page (www.1winningpickaday.com) is "Not Secure."  I try to enter my email address to subscribe to the mailing list and get a "Try Again" error.  I send an email to them at info@1winningpickaday.com and the email gets rejected.  What's going on here?  This is supposedly a "Pro Featured Verified Service."

Submitted by "tbird731" on 3/13/2023

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New Review Submitted for 1WinningPickADay.com on 3/31/2018
1WinningPickADay.com Review
Would not recommend. Ron Ballard 31MAR18

Submitted by "medic18686" on 3/31/2018

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