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New Review Submitted for on 3/7/2018
A savior, that's what Billy is. I found myself in a self-inflicted hole, that seemed impossible to climb out of. Then i turned to Bill and only used his information and saw a run that i wouldn't believe if not for the fact that i was a part of it. Over a 2 day period, the man was 16-1. Not only was i out of the hole, i made a few dollars for the week. We all want to get solid picks but Bill is also a great person. Thankfully losing days are rare but when they ocvur, he's right there, never hiding or avoiding the situation. I've been around this industry every year since i was 15 and seen far too many "touts" and guys with the supposedly "inside info", none are in Scouts class. I highly recommend using this service. Just know that after a while, your "bookie" will hate you but your significant other will love you and all the excess cash you'll have from winning!!!
Submitted by "ZJbrain1" on 3/7/2018.
Response from
Thanks to the Member Above, not sure who it is, but to correct him I went 16 + 2 for the weekend of March 3rd and 4th for +134.2 units for the weekend. That was an All Above top Historic Weekend for Scouts Picks. I am the Real Deal. Will even call you from my Home Phone Number and am Friends with some of my members on FB as well. I don't hide when I have a few losing days - it happens. Since November I think I only had one losing Week. Nobody, and I mean Nobody, works as hard as me and has as many connections as I do in Costa Rica, Vegas, Boston, New York, Philly, etc. Have been in this industry for 48 years as I was a Joe Namath Fan when I was a Kid and made my first bet on Namath and the Jets over the Colts in Super Bowl III. Have made many contacts through My Family as they were are in the business. My life is like that of "The Bronx Tale" except I grew up in the streets of Philly. Believe me, You stick with me, like the Member states above, Your Book will eventually shut you down as I have been banned from numerous stores in Costa Rica. If you call me up, I can tell you some truthful stories, maybe some day I will write a book....Nuff Said as I want My Picks to Do My Talking !!!
New Review Submitted for on 3/5/2018
ScoutsPicks very impressive. I was not able to take advantage of the monster Saturday but I did benefit from the encore performance Sunday. I was concerned because of the 11-1 run Saturday that I would not see a positive return. Not only was it positive but Bill almost ran the table again. Even though the last selection did not hit, Bill was on the right side. My phone conversation with Bill prior to signing up was pleasant and straight up. No pressure, no BS. I'm upset I ignored the invitation Saturday, but very happy I experienced the 2nd half of a unbelievable run. Having experienced other services... ScoutsPicks is top shelf compared to the others.
Submitted by "NWB12" on 3/5/2018.
Response from
Thank You Robert for the positive Review above. He is a new client of ours and he also likes being in a group text with other loyal members as they can chat if they want too during the game etc. Look I have been Red Hot past few months, but this weekend was Aces...Look, I will have losing weeks, even a losing month now and then, but Listen and Listen Good - Have not had a losing Year in Gambling is over Ten Years. With the contacts I have through 48 Years of Sports Gambling is Second to none. Have done everything and anything in the Sports Gambling Industry. My connections are in Vegas, Boston, Chicago, LA, Florida, Colorado, New York, and solid Contacts in the Stores in Costa Rica as well. Bottom line is words mean absolutely nothing, it is my Actions/My Picks that Scream out Loudly that we are the Real Deal with Professional Gamblers throughout the States and Costa Rica as well. Will give anyone like Robert A Free Trial, it is up to you to pick up the phone and call me (Which I prefer - Old School) or text me. Won with Boston College EZ with earlier release today....Nuff said !!
New Review Submitted for on 3/5/2018
I've been with Bill for 2 years worth of football and basketball Seasons. He's had two maybe three "bad"weeks. He is a straight forward kinda person. His Scouts Honor plays hit at about 80-90%. Has pretty good handle on "the game". When you contact him, you get him, not some salesperson pushing an agenda for someone else. He communicates well, and you know how he feels about shit when things get sideways. I believe in him. Last weekend was AMAZING...16-2 On Sat and Sun...WOW!
Submitted by "Kntnrayn1" on 3/5/2018.
Response from
Thanks Keith as when come on board with me at Scouts Picks, 9 out of 10 People normally stay. The ones that don't are cause their wife's break their balls about sports gambling or they keep trying to pick their own games. Can't tell you how many times I bailed people out when they bury themselves with their own Picks. If you give me the opportunity I will earn your business. Still scratching my head as I gave out a Free Trial to about 10 People this weekend and only this guy Robert signed up with me. 16 + 2 we go and most people just take the winnings and off they go. That is fine with me as they are only hurting themselves. The most expensive thing in the world to earn is "Trust" and we at Scouts Picks have a very loyal clientele and if sign up you will be able to communicate with other members as well. You see, Da Scout has nothing to hide: my members chat with each other every night about the games we win with. All my words mean nothing, but My Actions - My Picks will Earn Your Trust !!!
New Review Submitted for on 3/4/2018
ScoutPicks are the real deal. He not only went 11-1 yesterday, but is 5-0 today with 1 game remaining. Beyond that, I have been with him for a few years now. He is the only service I renew with every time. Scout is honest and works his butt off everyday to make sure he gives out the best info out there. He takes great pride in his work. He is on our side and wants to pound the book. Some days he gives out lots of games, it's ok with me as we win many more days than we lose. Then there are the Scouts Honor plays and Wheel barrel plays. Honor plays hit about 80% of the time and the Wheel Barrel has never lost at 4-0. You want the best, Scout is without a doubt the best out there.
Submitted by "bross101010" on 3/4/2018.
Response from
Hey thanks for the Truthful and Honest Review from one of my members. Overall for the weekend we went 16 + 2 = +34.2 Units. Best Weekend ever. You had to witness it to believe it. To update the above review with the 1 pending game remaining was Oral Roberts as Denver hit a 3 with 5 seconds left to put the game in OT, and we lost by 2 Points. The 15 Unit wheel Barrel Play was Wofford +3.5 as we had that game picked for a week. Wofford lost last week to Mercer by a Point in OT and earlier in the season by a couple points...No way was Wofford losing that game as they are more talented group. Also with the 15 Unit Plays/Wheel Barrel Plays we are 5 + 0 to correct the above. Scouts Honor plays past couple years have been consistently about 80%. Look I lose at times like everyone else, but the past four months have been Lights Out. Sure, some losing days, but not yet a losing week. My Members stick with me once they get to know me and my Winning. As Winning isn't the only thing, it is Everything Here at ScoutsPicks
New Review Submitted for on 3/4/2018
I have been using Scouts Picks for the past 6 months... I have decided to play a 100$ per unit for each play. It was the best day of my life gambling, as the Scout went 11 & 1 for +91 units on the day which ended up being $9,100 CASH in my pocket! Once again I hit a Scouts honor play with Wofford OUTRIGHT DAWG WINNER. When the Scout says Wheel barrel he is not Bs'ing as my pockets were not deep enough to collect my winnings. Plain and simple... this guy flat out wins! HE IS THE REAL DEAL!!! Best investment I ever made with a capper!
Submitted by "LikeMike08" on 3/4/2018.
Response from
This Review is about yesterday, Saturday, March 3rd as it was a Historic Day at Scouts Picks as we went 11+1 +91 Units. 15 Unit Wheel Barrel Play was Wofford +3 as we had that game targeted all week long. Winning so far today as well as My Members have been most grateful for our Selections. Winning isn't Everything - IT IS THE ONLY THING !! Appreciate the kind words as I believe it is from my Member Mikee G. Again, I will work with anyone and give you a Free Trial as all you got to do is text me at 609 617 3783 or better yet pick up the phone and call me. Have a Winning Day My Friends...
New Review Submitted for on 1/15/2018
Submitted by "japnitt" on 1/15/2018.
Response from
Wow, Nobody ever spoke more Honest and TRUE Words than the Above as Our Motto is "Our Picks Will Do Our Talking !" and that is the TRUTH of it all. No matter what I say or what you read, let me give you a FREE TRIAL and then you can decide. Yep !!!
New Review Submitted for on 1/15/2018
I've used many services and followed even more in my 25+ years of making wages. This is truly the 1st time ive been impressed with the information. Obviously no one is perfect but ypu can feel it when the information was correct and you just get a bad break (saints/vikes playoff game from 1/14/17 sound familiar??). Im very confident you won't regret signing up to Scouts service when you constantly pick up stacks of cadh from the man!
Submitted by "ZJbrain1" on 1/15/2018.
Response from
The above review I believe is from a new Member, aka ZJ. We did have Saints +5.5 however lines vary from numerous Sports Books, even on Cappertek. I always advice my members to buy a half point off a Solid number. Hate Pushing as I either Win or Lose. Pushing is like kissing your sister as they say. I do not always have the time to enter the Games and the Lines that my players use. I always go off Heritage Sports Book or You Wager. If I have the time I will enter on Cappertek by hand, but most of the times I just use the lines posted on Cappertek. Believe me I would sell my Mother for Half A Point. It comes into play more than you realize. But we have won 25 out of the past 30 days on Scouts Picks. Members are already got their Vacation Money for this year. Have good and honorable People to become a Member with us...Thanks Again though for the kind words, much appreciation as Ego must remain small.
New Review Submitted for on 12/10/2017
I've been with the Scout for years now. The simple truth is he's a rare bird in this business. He owns up to each and every one of his picks. He's very well informed, has a great handle on each of the big three sports (plus hockey), and won't give out a play just for the sake of action. The more units he's proposing the more likely the game will cover (like it should) and he's got a great sense of humor. So what else are you looking for? Oh yeah. He's fair and honest.
Submitted by "justcover2" on 12/10/2017.
Response from
Thanks Dave as I believe who wrote this Review. He has been a loyal client with me for probably 5 years now. Everything he states above is true and feel that I am very fair and as Honest as they come. Integrity means much to me, as my Word in the Streets of Philly and South Jersey is Money in the Bank. My Scouts Honor Plays are beyond belief as have been hitting them over 70% for the past few years. Just this week all Winners with the Falcons, Panthers, and Eagles. Nobody and I mean Nobody hits our Money Plays like we do....Thanks Again for the kind words above..
New Review Submitted for on 12/2/2017
I have been a Scout's guy for about year-and-a-half. Never bought plays in the past. He convinced me to give him couple of weeks to show himself. Surely didn't disappoint. I signed on, haven't looked back. Talked on the phone a few times, personable, open, he is a straight up guy, does a fine job of getting info out in a timely manner, and is a consistent winner. Oh, those SCOUTS HONOR plays...get on 'em.
Submitted by "Kntnrayn1" on 12/2/2017.
Response from
Appreciate this review as I am not sure what customer of mine wrote this, but am Grateful for his appreciation and honesty. 3 + 0 with my Scout Honor Plays this week as Falcons, Panthers, and Eagles all Winners !! And no one in this industry is more consistent than me. I don't win every week, will even have a bad month, but NEVER do I have a bad year. Stick with the Winners here at Scouts Picks...Thank You !!
New Review Submitted for on 12/2/2017
Found Scout about 18 months ago, I was so tired of people calling my phone and asking how much I wager per play and if its local or off-shore. Scout has a simple easy to read unit system and then these 12 UNIT SCOUT'S HONOR Plays!! The guy never cared about how much I wagered or where I wagered. It seemed the most important thing to him is getting your plays to you and making sure your profitable week over week! This guy is a true professional......I can't wait for the for the few and far between WNBA Plays he releases!!! I don't know how he handicap's but he is A+ in my book! Literally!!
Submitted by "BLILESTYLE" on 12/2/2017.
Response from
Wow...This is just another Loyal Client of mine, His first name is Cory as He has been with me for about 20 months now. As he states it is none of my business on How Much You Play Per Game..If another Capper asks you that question - that is a Red Flag for sure. I might not Win every week or even every month, but I NEVER lose over the course of a year. My Yearly Packages which can pay quarterly are the best.
New Review Submitted for on 12/2/2017
Been using Scoutpicks for over a year now. Got to say one thing. If he posts a Scouts Honor Play you better load up on it!!!!! Pure money maker. Give this guy a shot. You won't regret it.
Submitted by "bpa3093" on 12/2/2017.
Response from
Not sure who this guy is above, but he most likely purchased one of my Daily Packages when I have an Scouts Honor Play Listed. Now 44 + 14 after going 3 + 0 with Falcons, Panthers, and Eagles. That is over 75% Winning Rate L2Yrs with these Honor Plays. Words are empty commitments unless they are followed up in Truth, and in this industry, with Winners and Huge Money Winning Plays. Our Honor Plays truthfully are Second to None. Thanks again for the Truthful words..
New Review Submitted for on 11/26/2017
Have used Scouts Picks for a few years now. He is very consistent and his Scout Honor Plays win over 70% past couple of years. He will work with you and give a Free Trial if you request it. Also his quarterly Package deals are your best as myself only pay a few hundred every 3 months. Very Honest and Will not pester you for upgrades of any kind. I strongly recommend you give Scouts Picks a try as he is the best at bailing you out. Again Scouts Honor plays are absolutely money makers !!
Submitted by "LikeMike08" on 11/26/2017.
Response from
Thank You as you are correct in stating about Scouts Honor Plays. Just this week we had Eagles over Cowboys, Auburn Outright Dog Winner, and Rams today. That puts our Honor Plays at 40 + 12 since last year. If any one doesn't think I am for real reach out to me and Scouts Picks will gladly give you a Trial. Thank you once again.
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