Free Play in MLB For Friday

Fri, May 21, 2021

I am 8-4 lately plus off 2-1 NHL. Having been in the betting business since 1986 and a full-time handicapper since 1988, I have definitely solidified a network of sharps and great software for niche bets. Four MLB led by Wise Guy plus two US Open longshots are up, plus NHL. Get the picks now 


LA Dodgers-San Francisco UNDER 7 (Bauer-Wood)

This total is significantly less than the average posted total of both teams. An angle that takes that into consideration and weaponizes the oddsmakers knowledge against them goes under 2035-1603-230. 

Bauer .212 OBP against, with Wood’s at .246 including .205 at home. WHIPs a stunning .75 and .92 respectively.