NBA Free Pick Backed By Staggering Betting Formula and Gambling Simulations

Wed, Mar 17, 2021

Yeah, we turned a very modest profit, splitting but yet again hitting the only Wise Guy. Holy hell, there is no strongest bet in the history of gambling. There is no dispute on that. Seven NBA winners, three are Wise Guys including NBA Game of the Month. Just like Saturday when I went 10-4 in telling you it was the biggest college basketball card in years, tonight is among strongest NBA portfolios in a long-time. You with us or subsidizing the books for us? Get the picks now


TORONTO -4.5 Detroit 

Road favorites off a loss under specific situations is 860-684-24, slightly higher if the team we bet on was not on a long winning streak entering the loss. Away favorites that average significantly more three-point shots than league average is 1251-1011-49. Accuscore has us covering 54.7 percent. Sportsline gives a slight 53 percent edge. NBC SportsEdge gives us a mild advantage. There is some chance both Pascal Siakm and Fred VanFleet could return. 

Must see the daily routine of pro bettors!