Introductory Blog

Tue, Jan 3, 2023

I have always said that sports wagering goes so much deeper than just surface level. The technical analysis that goes into it goes beyond what so many people can comprehend. I often tell my friends that I could teach a class with all the different types of analysis that needs to be done to find winning picks consistently. With that being said, that is exactly what I am going to be doing on here. Everyday, I will be posting a new blog with a different topic of the sports wagering world. These topics may only apply to certain sports or a certain type of bet. Regardless, I want to teach the world what I know and educate gamblers. I have seen what losing does to people and I want to mitigate that feeling for others as much as I can. This company isn't about just giving people winners, it is about educating them how to pick the winners on their own. To be honest, this isn't a long-term gig for me and I don't intend on doing this my whole life. Very similar to Ben Campbell in 21, "This is just means to an end". If I can help people make money on their own then this whole thing of going public will be worth it. 

Along with these educational posts, I will be providing in-depth analysis on Futures bets that I make and naturally would advise whoever is reading to place as well. I am new to this site and am not sure if I can even post Futures bets so I will be posting them in blog right ups. This is going to be a long journey as people naturally are going to be skeptical of paying a kid for betting picks. I understand that and am very excited to win anyone over who comes across this page. I really am good at this and can't wait to educate others.