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Sports wagering begun as a hobby for me but has now turned into a job. I am a college student who pays bills with money won from sports betting. When people talk about handicappers, often times they say you don't need to sell picks if they win because you can just bet them yourself. That is what is unique about my service, I bet all of my own picks that I give out. The money from selling the service is bonus, what I am really here for is to help YOU THE CUSTOMER. You don't go searching for picks if you don't need it and I am here to help. Many people don't have the time to study the art of sports wagering which is why I do it for you for a minimal price. Seriously, if I could charge less for my picks I would, this website doesn't let me. I give out one free pick each day that I place a bet. If I have only one pick that day, you are in luck because it will be free. Don't let my words convince you, let my record on this website do it. If that's not enough to convince you then go over to the app Action Network and view my account there. Join me in the 1% of sports bettors that actually make sustainable profit in this industry. 

Action Network Username: tylerjs20

Let me do the work for you and enjoy those Sundays when you recap your bets with your friends and you are the only one in the green. 

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at:

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