CBB ML Round Robins

Wed, Jan 27, 2021
by WintheDay.cappertek.com


I know as a professional bettor parlays are a no-no normally. But on thing I have become fond of betting is a ML Home favorite Round Robin with 3 teams. They key that I have learned is that it must be at home for me. If you take them on the road seems like upsets happen more. I tend to look for teams between 5-9 point favorites for this. Another key is that I do it with only 3 teams, anymore and the risk outweighs the reward as well and then you have multiple parlays, this way there is only 4 parlays. This is for the simple fact that once your ML odds get to high you lose what I believe is value on the parlay and the risk may out weigh the reward. This to me is one of my favorite ways to bet college basketball. 


If you have any questions feel free to ask me about it. I am willing to discuss any thoughts and philosphies you may have on this or any other betting strategies.