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About me: In college I was a student-athlete and a statistics major. Through my psychological sports knowledge I gained through being an athlete and my quantitative probability and statistical skills, I’ve developed a proven system to handicap all sports games. I first started when I was fresh out of college at 21. I moved to Vegas and lived there for the next 7 years of my life. Long story short, I won enough money over that 7-year period time that I’m fairly well off now. I now enjoy life with my family and make a living through real estate investments. I also still gamble, just not as aggressive as I used to. I came to twitter to deliver my services to clients like you so I can win my money and enjoy it with others. I noticed that there's an obscene amount of scammers on here charging you folk’s outrageous prices. I can't do it for free because it's a lot of work, but I'm going to be the cheapest and be the best at it. I'll give you anywhere between 2-10 plays per day and they'll average anywhere 1-5 units per play. I do have 10 unit plays, but those are rare and will hit 80+% of the time. I can send you all of the picks on here or via email. It will be $20 for a daily package, $60 for a weekly, and $125 for a monthly. If you’d like my texting service, please let me know and we can discuss rates for that. To let you know how good I am, I've only had 12 losing weeks since March. Not only will I be providing you with picks, but I’ll also be advising all of my clients on bankroll management strategies. DM me on twitter or email me at, if interested in a package.


I’ll also be doing DraftKings daily fantasy lineups for $10 per day, but if you’re a member that will be FREE.



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