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* Return on Investment (ROI) figures above represent potential returns based on a $100 per unit risk amount. Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future performance.

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Hi everyone,

First off, if you subscribe to my service, you will get every single play that I make. I value transparency as a core belief and I want to make sure that all my clients know that there will never be a circumstance where I make a play and don't post it. You are getting every bet that I am making, at the exact unit size that I post. 

Personally, my passion for sports has been the driving force behind my ability to win long-term as a sports bettor. I successfully handicap MLB baseball, football (college and pro) and basketball (college and pro), based on my instincts, feel and knowledge, which goes beyond the ordinary. Dissecting nuances of particular matchups, psychological factors, and my decades of experience in playing and analyzing sports, has fueld my success in handicapping. The betting markets have become numbers-driven over recent years, which is another reason that I have found success - because I look for statistics that don't tell the entire story about teams and particular players; which is where I am able to find edges.

Another important detail to my success is my thought process: that it is important to bet games according to strength. To maximize return, I have no problem betting twice, or in some cases three times as much as a standard play if I have a very strong opinion on a game. This has also made me a selective-aggressive handicapper, as I will only bet games in which I beiieve that I have an edge, but I also recognize spots to increase volume and aggression.

Finally, I want to document that if you put your trust in me, I take that very seriously, which means that my service will never give you anything short of appropriate focus, time, and dedication. I really appreciate anyone who took the time to read this and I'm looking forward to sustaining and building upon success! 

Just to confirm, a 1 Unit play is 1% of my bankroll, and a 5 Unit wager is 5% of my bankroll. 

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