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* Return on Investment (ROI) figures above represent potential returns based on a $100 per unit risk amount. Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future performance.

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The only way to beat the bookie is to do what the sportsbooks do and that is bet on the underdog.  Favorites win in the short run but underdogs win long term and that is what keeps the sportsbooks in business.   Stop playing spread bets where you win less than you bet.  We play select moneyline underdogs that have a statistical chance of winning.  We generate probabilities for each game and compare the line that vegas offers to our line.  When there is a significant difference we release the play. We typically have anywhere from 1 upwards to 10 plays a day.  These are major plays on MLB baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, UFC, Football and even Tennis.  

We are former Wall St. traders and analysts that have spent years developing our proprietary algorithm and are just now releasing them to the public.  Our expectations are to be profitable and to double our betting capital every 12 months.  Will we win every day?  Absolutely not but by betting on moneyline dogs the odds are in your favor.  Why do you think that bookmakers always want the public to bet on the spread where when you win you get back less than you bet or the worst is parlays where the house edge is even greater.  

Our money management formula: 

1) Starting bankroll:  This is your bankroll that is dedicated solely to sports betting.  This is not the rent money, food money or money for bills.

2)  Each bet will be 2% of the starting bankroll until we double our bankroll in which case we will re-calculate the 2% of the new bankroll amount.

3)  Even if we go negative we still bet the same amount (2% of starting bankroll) until our bankroll is decreased by 50% in which case we re-calculate.


Starting bankroll:  $1,000

2% of $1,000=$20

We will bet $20 on each play until we either double our bankroll which would be $2000 or decrease our bankroll by 50% which would be $500.  In which case we would re-calculate 2% of $2000 which is $40 or 2% of $500 which is $10.  This way it keeps it simple and easy so each bet will always be the same until we either double our bankroll or decrease by 50%.  

Thank you for putting your trust in us and let's put the bite into the Bookie's wallet instead of yours!

Just Underdogs sports investment team.

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