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* Return on Investment (ROI) figures above represent potential returns based on a $100 per unit risk amount. Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future performance.

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My expertise is in both football and basketball. Because  I have had great success betting on both football and basketball, I am now entering the handicapping world. I started off very small recommending plays to a few buddies and realized Im very good at this and am branching out into the handicapping world hopefully helping others achieve the same success I have. I'm offering my picks for what I believe to be below market prices as I'd love for you to give me a chance and show what i can do for you In an attempt to earn your business longer term! I believe Trust is the foundation to any relationship. I win if you win! I bet all the same games I send out to my subscribers. number of picks will vary as I see fit based on the opportunities I find. I'll never send out a pick just for the sake of sending something out if I don't believe in it. Patience is a virtue in this business. 

Im not making ridiculous claims of 90% success rates thay just won't happen longer term. We will have hot streaks and we will have cold streaks, they are inevitable. I'm not promising some get rich overnight service here. I win more then I lose but this is a LONG term game. What you get with me is consistency and someone to guide you to find what I believe to be the best plays on any given day. i put hours upon hours of work identifying these matchups to come up with the best plays. My background is in stocks and I approach handicapping very similarly with great success. Im also monitored by both cappersmonitor and cappers watchdog, 2 highly respected independent monitoring services.


What has made me successful is two-fold. First, obviously picking more winners than losers is key but the real key is money management in this business. What you can expect from me are recommendations between 1-5 units on individual plays. I'm not going to recommend 20 unit plays. There are no locks in this business. You can expect a smoother, less volatile ride if you follow my picks and money management. Long term ive found that to be best and most profitable path. I've made plenty of mistakes along the way as I honed my skills and now I want to help others profit alongside me.

even if you don't select me as your handicapper please don't fall for the 75-80% winning percentage promises because i can tell you longer term that is not sustainable. The best of the best will be in the 55-60% range longer term. I know because that's usually where I'll fall at the end of a season in my sports. A couple times I've surpassed the 60% mark for the season but it is very very difficult to do. I want to set realistic expectations. Expect 55-60% winning percentages with me longer term. Will I have hot and cold streaks? Absolutely you may get a 5-0 night from me one night and 1-4 the next. Absolutely you'll gets days like that. It happens. I'm here to help you invest in sports longer term. Don't fall for the hot capper of the week please. By all means, search around for your handicapper. At the end of  the day my long term results and attractive pricing usually leads folks coming back to me and they are happy they did. Bookmark this page, I have a feeling I'll be seeing you back!

I have packages that start as low as 20 dollars for a days worth of picks. Weekly rate of $70, and monthly rate of $160, less than 6 dollars a day. Less than a cup of coffee to start winning today. i want to be as affordable as possible for bettors of all size. Try to find better rates...ive won't !

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to earn your business! Now let's profit together! Contact me at with any questions!






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