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* Return on Investment (ROI) figures above represent potential returns based on a $100 per unit risk amount. Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future performance.

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When you have a staff of experts combined with analytics and an artificial intelligence platform you have a true winning combination. We don’t just toss picks out there and hope for the best. Every pick has been completely analyzed and sent through our AI platform before being released. Moving forward all picks will be 5 unit plays. Why send out something that is 1 or 2 units. If we are ranking something a 1 or 2 unit pick it means we like it but are not all that confident about it. Simply put, so why pick it. Other cappers call their picks by units or stars, we keep it simple. It’s either a strong pick or it’s not. We release the best because these plays ARE THE SAME PLAYS WE HAVE OUR MONEY ON. We all win together!

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