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Call me Calico Joe. I have been a sports fan for many years.  I decided I wanted to make money betting on sports.  I came up with a system that makes money as long as you are disciplined.  I used several handicappers and seem to ALWAYS LOSE with them.  They were touting 65% average winning percentages which was not true.  I average 57% winning on my own research.  One capper hit on just 40% and another hit on 48% of their picks.  I went and looked at their advertised records and they EDIT THEM to make themselves look better.  One guy gets on a losing streak and starts taking picks with -300 odds on moneyline to get his numbers up.  What a fraud.  In sportsbetting you need to hit 52% to break even on -110 odds average.  PLUS these cappers were charging crazy amounts of money.  I decided that I wanted to actually make people money so I started Calico Sports Picks.


This site is mainly geared toward the beginner level sports bettor.  Anyone can join of course, but I want to guide the new gamblers to success.

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