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Up +117 units in 9 days since joining CapperTek! 


Integrity is everything to me!

  • Check out my units won!
  • Unit size is 1-11 units on CapperTek! 
  • 1-12 picks sent per day! 
  • Average plays sent per day: 2-4
  • Straight bets sent every day! 
  • Parlays sent 1-5 times per week!
  • Handicapping 5 major sports in 15+ leagues! 

provide my clients picks most in: 

⚾️: MLB, NCAA Baseball 

🏈: NFL, NCAA Football 

🏀: NBA, NCAA Men’s/Women’s Basketball

provide plays, but less often in: 

🎾: ATP, WTA, Majors, Masters

⛳️: PGA, LIV, Korn Ferry, Majors 

(I only bet the sports I am good at and know thouroughly!)

Meet me/why I do this:

I’ve done this in a roundabout way since I was 12 years old. I’d visit my grandfather and pick games for him. He’d cut me off next to nothing even though we won thousands 😂 I started handicapping for big bettors at 20 years old and went public at 29 years old. 

I have a knack for scouting teams and games at an elite level. I always had the goal of becoming a coach or scout in the MLB or NBA. Instead, I became a Pro Golfer and Golf Instructor in 2019. I was able to invest in my career because of my sportsbetting earnings in my teens and 20’s! I watch sports around the clock. I grew up playing all 5 of the sports I now handicap. 

I’d appreciate your support and business…let’s ride! 

My gameplan:

Firstly, it’s based on constant dedication. I dive into analysis, statistics, match-ups, history, metrics, and more! I’ll never chase plays just to have action and I am conscious to never overthink a play. It’s more than statistics, it is very in depth thinking that allows me to win. 

The statistical analysis, match-up, and the eye test have to all be in order for me to bet on it. From there I find the value for each of the day’s games and make my selections. 

Please note: if you want a straight bet, parlay, or round robin for a specific game(s) you are attending, watching, etc. you can text me. I scout every game!



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