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I have been in the sports betting industry for 35+ years.  I have worked for several sport picking companies, services, and experts. I have knowledge of all the tricks of the trade.  Most companies only care about making money from as any people as they can. Some give 50% of their clients one side of a game & then give the other half the the other side of the game.  There is no "Sure Bet" I am proud to say my record is just over 70%.  That is for all me players!  I choose "my pick(s)" for games from my contacts in the industry, up to date information available, data, knowledge and understanding of all the factors that give the edge to one side or the other.  I concentrate on one, two or maybe three selections.  I want to win & picking 10 or 20 games is not going to make money!  I never chase money! I do not tell you how to bet, I do no tell you how much to bet, & I don't tell you here to bet.  I give you my selections, and you can use them in any way shape or form on what type of bets you like.  I will give you the straight winner over 70% of the time! When you have success, please tell your friends about my site!  Helping all my players win is the best form of advertising! Thank you, I look forward to a long relationship!  HICKSTER...

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