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Hello. My name is Mike Lester and I’m a Professional Sports Handicapper and Sports Consultant living in Las Vegas. I’d like to help you make money betting sports year round. I’ve made my living solely from Sports Betting/Gambling since 2005. I enjoy advising/helping people, showing them how to make money consistently betting on sports. Let me show you how good I am. AM THE JERRY MAGUIRE OF THIS BUSINESS AND IF YOU GIVE ME THE OPPORTUNITY I WILL SHOW YOU THE MONEY! I moved to Vegas in 2005 to be a full time Professional Gambler. Initially, my main focus was on both Sports Betting and Poker. After Black Friday in 2011 I changed my focus off Poker and devoted myself more to Sports Handicapping in 2011. I have really fine tuned my craft and special talent since then. I am devoted to this business year round, every single day and put up very impressive numbers, solidly around 60%, in all the major sports. That is not by chance or luck after all this time. As you know, most Pros are very happy with a win rate of 55-58%. I rate my games based on strength which will give us an even bigger long term edge to jump on the best opportunities when they arise. I know you will be very impressed with the results/returns on your investment.

Sports is My passion/expertise in life, always has been, as I was a star athlete. I was a member of a Division 1 Defending National Championship College Basketball team as a mid season walk on/practice squad player (playing with several NBA players) and I also played Minor League Baseball after high school. I practiced with many now pro athletes/elite coaches and remain friends with many of them today. I also studied Sports Business Management while in college and my father worked for an NFL team for 20 years, where I met many star players at his office. Let me display my skills and prove how valuable I am year round. HELP ME HELP YOU and once again, believe me, I will SHOW YOU THE MONEY! Lets do business together long term. Sports betting is an investment and invest in me and I will provide great, steady and consistent returns. Give me the opportunity to show you how good I am! I AM THE REAL DEAL. Join me for the LONG TERM investment and lets make some serious money together! Trust me I am worth the small investment if you want to win money YEAR ROUND!

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