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Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to check out my sports handicapping service.

I have been sports betting 17 + years and gained so much knowledge in the sports betting industry. What separates me from the rest is that I am a very honest and fully transparent person. I know that every Customer has in the past came across a handicapper that was not honest or was out to just get your money, you must be careful in this industry cause its filled with scam artist and dishonest people. If a handicapper is not willing to be on a moniter system like cappertek that should be first clue that you dont want to sign up with them cause they are most likely lying about there daily performace. My first pit peeve is Customer needs comes first!! I want you to bet with confidence that my plays are the best in the industry. Im never going to try and sell you that I hit at a 75% clip cause that is a false statement and unrelistic!! Our goal is 60-65% which is vary doable. A 54% wining rate is consider a successfull sports bettor.

My customers over the years have always put there trust in me and feel comfortable of the outcome they will receive on a daily basis. The Models I created which covers all sports Has got me and my clients insane returns just Check out my weekly results on my website. I am also fully moniter on CAPPERTEK.COM to prove I am Legit. 

I will always offer 3 free day's to all in coming customers so I can prove my service is what I say it is!! Good Luck to all and hope to hear from you soon!!








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